Have You Been Out of the Job Search Game for a While? Here's How to Get Back in It:

Have You Been Out of the Job Search Game for a While? Here's How to Get Back in It:
From Recruiter - November 4, 2016

You have just finished a long and much-needed employment hiatus, and now it is time to get back to the grind. Where do you start?

You have a plan, right? Still, you should remember that Robert Burns quote: The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

In other wordsyou need to prepare for the unexpected. Your strategy may appear seamless on paper, but let us take a look at some of the necessities to ensure you are on the right track, just in case.

First, take a few deep breaths and pace yourself. Take your time incarving out an action plan that will position you to push through opposition and gain an edge in this highly competitive job market. There are going to be times when you may feel a little overwhelmed. The recruiting and hiringindustry is constantly evolving,but if you follow these effective job search tips, youllhave an easier time staying ahead of the game:

1. Create an Online Brand

First things first: It is crucial that you update your resume to reflect the most current resume formatting standards. But that being said, in todays employment climate, knowing how to write a good resume is only one aspect of an effective job search strategy.

Modern job searches also warrant a strong online brand in addition to your professional resume. A strong online brand keeps you relevant and in step with the latest trends, helps to enhance your visibility in the eyes ofrecruiters, and positions you for many more employment opportunities.

One of the best sources for displaying your online brand is LinkedIn. Considering that most recruiters use LinkedIn to source talent, if you do not have a presence, you could be missing out on job placement opportunities. If you are a little more tech savvy, you can create a professional website to further showcase your leadership highlights.

2. Diversify Your Job Search

Now that youre on LinkedIn and have an attention-getting profile, it is time to kick back, relax, and watch the job offers fly in.


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