What You Need to Know About Interviewing Millennials

What You Need to Know About Interviewing Millennials
From Recruiter - November 8, 2016

Youve probably noticed that moreyounger candidates are applying for your job openingsand not just for the entry-level gigs. Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, andwhile the youngest millennials are still in high school, the oldest are 34 years old and making the move into middle management.

Just as Gen. X-ers were quite different from their baby boomer predecessors, millennials have their own unique characteristics that separate them from previous generations. Its important for HR managers to understand what makes this generation tick and adapt their hiring techniques accordingly.

Millennials typically dont choose their jobs based on paychecks alone. They care deeply about finding work related to their passions. Company culture and work-life balance are more important to this generation than these concepts were to prior generations. Millennials tend to want more feedback on their performance, expect to quickly advance in their careers, and wont stick around if they feel an employer is mistreating them.

When it comes to recruiting millennials, traditional approaches wont cut it. Be prepared to change things up. Tryworking these questions into your interview process when talking with millennial candidates:

1. Where Have You Volunteered?

Nothing lights up a millennial more than the chance to talk about their passions, and this generation values volunteering more than its predecessors did. Starting with this question can help a millennial candidate feel more comfortable while giving you a glimpse intotheir real personality.

2. What Are Your Career Goals?

Unlike their loyal predecessors, millennials tend not to think too far into the future. Therefore, the old Where do you see yourself in 10 years? question may be met with a blank stare.

3. What Is Your Dream Job?

Rather than asking why the candidate wants this job, ask what they want ideally. If their answer shows no correlation with what youre offering, they are probably not a good fit.

4. How Have You Handled Failure?

Many people believe millennials are entitled and lazy. This question is an opportunity for your candidateto explain the struggles theyve faced and how they appropriately responded to those struggles.


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