Career Experts: Helpful or a Hindrance?

Career Experts: Helpful or a Hindrance?
From Recruiter - November 9, 2016

There are so many websites out there with information on careersand most of them, lets be honest, bore you to death! Sifting through all of the rubbish to get to the information thats relevant to you is extremely tedious!

Its similar to whenyoure trying to book a vacation, scrolling past deal after deal and hotel after hotel. After a while, they all look the same and you give up!

Sadly, looking for job search advice inthis way means that you get hundreds of differing opinions and pieces of contradictoryadvice telling you to do it this way or that.

Clients sometimes tell me that another career coach has told them to do things differently from the way Ive advised them to do things. I can sense they think that my advice is flawed! Im sure that, after getting another so-called experts advice, most of them then set about retweaking their resumes and LinkedIn profiles yet again!

This is so frustratingfor you and for me, too! That is why I want to share with you a few points. I want to help youdecide whom to listen to and block out the differing opinions and advice!

Of course, career advice is not math! Its subjective. There is no definitive answer; theres no 2 + 2 = 4 when working out your resume. So, what I will do is explain to you how I work with my clients. Then you can decide for yourself whether you think its a good idea to carry on changing and retweaking your resume and LinkedIn profile every time a new expert says you should.

Break Down Those Walls and Get Companies Chasing You!

One thing may not even realizeif youre listening to all the career experts out there is that no matter how great you may be at your job, youre always going to be stuck at square one when you start your next job search unless your reputation transcends the four walls where you currently work.

If youre only known for being great at what you do within your own workplace, how are companies supposed to find you? Break the cycle and build the like, know, trust factor before you start your next job hunt.This involves getting yourself out there and making yourself known within your industry or niche. Its about positioningyourself as the go-to expert in your field. This means that you need your LinkedIn profile in tip-top condition right now.Dont save it for when youactually want to get hired! This also means that you need to start actively attracting companies, influencers, and key-decisions makers to you right now!

Recognize That You Are a Business!


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