8 Ways Innovative Companies Keep Their Creative Juices Flowing

From Recruiter - November 10, 2016

1. We Identify Hurdles

As an agency, we communicate with several partners every week and pay close attention to the things that stand between their current performance and future goals. By hearing about what could potentially become a barrier to our clients success, were able to solve problems creatively and develop new solutions.

Justin Moodley, LASANAN

2. We Have a Big Vision

Our roadmap includes ideas of capabilities that do not quite exist yet. We strive to always be learning from others, coming up with new ideas, and exercising our minds by sometimes just starting with a blank sheet of paper when solving problems.

Arry Yu,

3. We Make Innovation Part of Our Core

Innovating and staying on top of the latest tools and techniques is core to our business. It all starts with learning and sharing among the team. We also have a weekly meeting to discuss internal projects and use part of this time to come up with new ways we can create and share reusable software on Github.

John Arroyo, Arroyo Labs, Inc.

4. Were Open to Ideas

Create healthy relationships among your workers and always encourage open discussion. Someone might have the next brilliant idea that could help the company, boost your marketing and sales, and strengthen your brand recognition. Encourage people to share their ideas freely by supporting some of it and discussing ideas during your weekly or monthly meetings.

Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

5. We Instituted Idea Friday


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