Recruiter Top 10: Things Employers Should Know About Veterans and Military Spouses

Recruiter Top 10: Things Employers Should Know About Veterans and Military Spouses
From Recruiter - November 11, 2016

Mike Donoghue, PwC Partner and Veterans Affinity Network Leader, U.S. Army Veteran

1. Build a Sense of Community

One thing people dont often understand is that a strong culture of community can really help veterans and spouses transition into a company. Coming out of the military, which has a very established culture, people can often feel lost without that element. Building a culture of community around the military and veteran community allows them to anchor themselves into the company.

2. Create Policies That Reinforce and Demonstrate Your Commitment

A great example of this is creating a military leave policy that supports members of a US National Guard or Reserve Unit that are called to active duty. Having a policy that clearly articulates the financial and personal support your company offers is a tangible way to demonstrate organizational dedication to the health and well-being of your military teammates.

LaTesha Ford, PwC Senior Associate, U.S. Navy Veteran

3. We Got Your Six, So Be Sure to Get Ours

Got your six means Ive got your back, and thats forever true for veterans. Were trained to put others and the mission in front of ourselves while taking care of our people. So one way to retain veterans is to show them how your organization supports and takes care of its people. If you can show me that company leadership and my team supports me, Ill always support you.

4. Were Adaptable Life-Long Learners, Ready to Pivot When Needed

Veterans are trained to be flexible, have strong management skills, pay attention to details, and deal with high-stress situations. They also understand the value of continuous learning in order to do their jobs. Each of these traits allows them to be able to switch easily from one task to another. Employers can help veterans leverage these traits by having game plans that outline how they can evolve in their roles and in the organizations.

Chris Crace, PwC Veterans Advocacy Leader, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

5. Leverage the Power of Veterans Diversity

At PwC, half of our veteran hires are considered diverse from a gender and ethnicity perspective. Weve learned that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and one of the best ways to attract and retain veterans as well as military spouses is to build diverse programs and referral campaigns that recognize and leverage the power of those differences.

Grant Hsu, PwC Experienced Associate, U.S. Air Force Reservist


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