Email, Text Message, Facebook – Oh My! Communicating With Candidates in the Age of Overload

Email, Text Message, Facebook – Oh My! Communicating With Candidates in the Age of Overload
From Recruiter - November 16, 2016

Too much convenience can be a bad thing. For proof, look no further than the proliferation of communication methods in the digital age.

At first glance, this has been a great development for us all. It wasnt that long ago when phone tag reigned supreme (admittedly, we havent totally vanquished that nuisance just yet). Now, if you place a call and someone doesnt pick up, you can always text them. Or email them. Or hop on Facebook. Or tweet at them.

The same holds true for interactions with companies. If you cant get customer service on the line, you can always tweet at the corporate account.As a bonus, the added publicity of the actoften pressures companies to take swift corrective actions to address your woes.

The recruiting process is no different. Where once candidates could only send in resumes and cross their fingers, social media, email, and SMS have given them the ability to stay in constant contact with potential employers.

The problem is, employers dont alwaysget back to them. Not because employers dont want to stay in touch with candidatesbut because the barrage of communication can be hard for any one recruiter to keep up with.

It seems a new communication app or platform is popping up every day! The downside to this is recruiters and employers need to constantly stay on top of them and adapt so that they are able to get in touch with the candidates using these new communication technologies, says Howie Schwartz, CEO and cofounder of sourcing and engagement platform Crowded. These days, it seems there needs to be a whole entire team dedicated to research and collecting data on where your candidates are most engaged so that your recruiters know where to focus their efforts on.

The other monkey wrench is that not all candidates are open to being contacted via the same platforms. Some will gladly welcome a text from a recruiter, while others will immediately blacklistany recruiter or employer attempting to contact them via that channel.

With the emergence of any new chat technology comes just one more way for a candidate to ignore you, Scwhartz says. Employers need to have some sort of line that is drawn to ensure they are not crossing over personal boundaries to communicate with candidates.

Cutting Through the Noise With a Cross-Channel Platform

In an effort tohelp recruiters and candidates more easily connect with one another, Crowded has built support for cross-channel communication into its latest release version. The platform currently supports SMS, Facebook Messenger, and email, with plans to add Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more in the future.


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