5+ Resources to Help You Find the Best Candidates – Fast

5+ Resources to Help You Find the Best Candidates – Fast
From Recruiter - November 17, 2016

1. ZipRecruiter

Weve found ZipRecruiter to be very helpful in both sourcing and managing applicant materials. It posts to numerous job boards with one click. The platform helps streamline the interview and hiring process itself and has an online feature to screen applicants. Everything is stored in one place, and we can manage multiple job postings and resumes. Its an easy platform to use.

Angela Delmedico, Elev8 Consulting Group

2. Indeed

Our agency frequently utilizes Indeed for our hiring needs. We found that Indeeds organic listings were often at the top of the search when we searched for marketing jobs as candidates ourselves. As a marketing agency, we could expect those listings to get the most visibility with savvy web users.

Justin Moodley, LASANAN

3. Craigslist

I use Craigslistits free to list in the gigs section. I found my first hire there as well as some bloggers, and Ive been satisfied. AngelList also seems great. I havent hired anyone there, but there seem to be a lot of candidates with a startup mindset. I also use Streak to track my applicants: Its a CRM built within Gmail and free for up to 200 emails/applicants. Finally, Gusto is great for signing W-9s, payroll, and reporting.


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