The Business End of Learning Management Systems: What to Look for in a Good LMS

The Business End of Learning Management Systems: What to Look for in a Good LMS
From Recruiter - November 17, 2016

Learning management systems (LMSs) have been used in academia for years now. Colleges and universities realized long ago that putting courses online could provide flexible and long-distance learning options for their students. Now, in the business world, many executives are beginning to see the advantages of LMS software solutions as well.

Instead of dumping new hires into a conference room to watch a series of training videos theyll soon forget, LMSs can provide new recruits with the information they need in modules that can be completed on their own schedules.

An LMS can be a big investment for a company, but there are many benefits to implementing one, says Kaitie Connolly, director of product research for Capterra, a company that helps connect organizations with business software solutions. It can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of new hire training, getting new employees up to speed more quickly with on-demand and self-paced training rather than in-person training.

The software isnt just useful for new hires either. An LMS solution can support additional training for existing employees as well.

An LMS can save your business time and money by ensuring all employees are up to date with compliance regulations, Connolly says. And it can be used for continuous education and professional development, something that often gets overlooked at a company but is extremely important to the growth, happiness, and success of your employees.

What to Look For

Once youve decided an LMS might be of value toyour company, you need to know what to look for.

When shopping for an LMS, its important to keep in mind that a system thats perfect for one company, may not be perfect for the next, Connolly says. So, start off by clearly defining your companys needs and wants.


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