4 Life-Changing Resources Worth Incorporating Into Your Job Search

From Recruiter - November 18, 2016

Most people are not currently conducting proactive job searches.At best, most job seekers only implement a couple of strategies with no consideration fortheir personal brands or productivity. Often, these job seekers have resigned themselves to simply using a job board to occasionally look for open roles.

Today, in an effort to help job seekers be more proactive in their searches, I want to sharefour resources they can add to theirlists. These resources will be especially useful for you if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

Ive known about this useful resource for several years, but its rarely referred to or talked about. In many U.S. cities, you can dial 211 for all kinds of local resourcesespecially if you need affordable food, housing, and utilities.

You can go to the site and type in your zip code to see relevant information and resource centers. The site can alsohelp you find job information and re-entry resources. It is particularly helpful if youre an ex-offender.

2. GoodHire

Job seekers can use GoodHires True Me platform to conduct self-background checks that allow them to see what employers will see when they conduct background checks. If negative information pops up, then the job seeker can annotate theirfile to explain themselves and tell a complete story of their work history.

3. AppyPie


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