Why It's a Good Idea to Make Your Team Multilingual

Why It's a Good Idea to Make Your Team Multilingual
From Recruiter - November 22, 2016

We believe that the largest limitation to any company with international ambitions is no longer technologicalits human, says Jake Jollis, cofounder and CEO of online language-learning platform Verbling. Companies that want to successfully strengthen their international business arent limited by how equipped their computers are, but rather by how equipped their people are.

Thats why Jolliss companyrecently launchedVerbling Enterprise, a new service that enables companies to set up language lessons for their employees.

The Problem: Language Barriers

Verbling Enterprise aims to address one of the biggest problems in international business: language barriers. Although email, chat, and video conferencing make it easy to communicate acrosslong distances, international colleagues do not necessarily understand one another when they do get in contact.

According to a 2013 U.S. Department of Commerce report, foreign-owned companies employed 5.6 million people in the U.S., and U.S.-owned businesses employed 11.6 million workers abroad. While some companies strictly hire multilingual employees to make sure employees can communicate across national boundaries, that requirement disqualifies talented individuals who are willing and eager to learn.

Normally, companies would address the language barrier by hiring language consultants who visit their offices during set hours to teach group lessons. Human resource managers get stuck coordinating schedules among dozens of employees, and inevitably, there are conflicts, which means attendance for these classes is low. Few employees learn new language skills, and the company doesnt see much, if any, return on its investment.

Learning Language Through Tech

Verbling Enterprise wants to change that by making corporate language programs digital. When companies sign up for Verbling Enterprise, employees are able tobook their language lessons with professional, native-speaking teachers. Employers dont have to worry about scheduling lessons, contracting instructors, or tracking language proficiencies. Their teams can learn new languages from the office or at home, and lessona are available 24/7.


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