Now Is the Time to Plan Your Career Strategy for the New Year

Now Is the Time to Plan Your Career Strategy for the New Year
From Recruiter - November 23, 2016

Yes, I hate it, too, when people mention Christmas in November. Letsat least wait until December!

That said, its never too early to start thinking about the new year when it comes to your career. In fact, theres never a bad time to be thinking aboutyour career.

Lets be honest: Most people invest more time in planning their annual two-week holiday than they do in planning their career.

So, before you shoot the messenger and point out that Im contradicting myself, know that now isthe time to plan for your career in the new yearand here are two really great reasons why:

1. Its Time to Reframe Your State of Mind

Remember: Planning your career is not a chore. It is all about you! Strategizing for your successful future is something you should be extremely excited about! As Winston Churchill once said, He who fails to plan is planning to fail.

However, I wont deny that because its all about you, it is a little scary. Were all pretty good at giving others advice, but when it comes down to our own futures, we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. We are all struck by the same thought: What if I plan something wrong or do something wrong?

The thing is, you actually cant fail. Well, you can fail, but only when you stick your head in the sand and pretend this stuff does not matter. If you go down the wrong path, thats fine. Its a learning curve. You can always correct yourself. So stop making this complicated and just do it! Making those wrong turns will get you where you need to be!

So, a few questions to ask yourself as you begin planning: What do you want? Which company do you want to work for? What salary are you looking for?Do you have the relevant experience and qualifications to earn it?

If youre stuck on some of these questions, you may just need a little more guidance and someone to point you in the right direction. A career coach might bea great investment when youre thinking about your long-term choices!

2.Schedule Your Futureor It May Never Happen

Most people like the idea of planning a successful future, but when it actually comes down to finding the time to do itwell, thats quite another thing! The only way to plan properly is to schedule some time into your busy dayto ensure that it actually happens.


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