Company Holiday Parties: Why They're Not Worth It and What to do Instead

Company Holiday Parties: Why They're Not Worth It and What to do Instead
From Recruiter - November 28, 2016

Company holiday parties are infamous for their awkward moments, drunken regrets, and social faux pas. And yet, despitethe less-than-sparkling reputation, most companies still host holiday parties every year, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Proponents of company holiday parties argue that theyre a great opportunity for employers to show their appreciation of their employees, encourage team bonding, create more unity between departments, and reinforce the company culture. Those against the parties argue that company holiday parties are dreaded by the majority, dont effectively build teams, and infringe on employees free time during the holidays.

Here is why company holiday parties are a bad ideaand what to do instead:

Forced Socialization

Most people hate your holiday party,writes Patty Azzarello, founder and CEO of Azzarello Group.

For starters, not all of your employees are partiers: About half of your employees are introverts, and forced socialization is not pleasant for them, Azzarello writes. So no matter what type of party you have, the introvert segment of your employee base will never see this as a perk. It is just an additional, energy-draining social requirement.

As for your extraverted employees, an after-hours company holiday party likely cuts into their already busy social calendars.

If you do decide to have a holiday party, have it during the week and during work hours.

What you are basically saying by having your holiday celebration on the weekend is that, Its not enough for me to tell you what to do during the work week. I also need you to demonstrate your loyalty to me by giving up weekend time during the busiest time of the year in your personal life, Azzarello writes.

You Cant Demand Fun

But even if you sacrifice valuable work hours for a holiday party, is it worth it?

One of the main hopes employers have for company holiday parties is that they will create shared fun between employees, thereby fosteringworkplace friendships.


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