How to Successfully Job Search During the Holiday Season

How to Successfully Job Search During the Holiday Season
From Recruiter - November 28, 2016

Many job seekers have told me that they want to put their searches on hold during the holidays because they dont believe they will seeresults during this period.

This is a mistake! Despitethe common opinion, many companies continue with their recruiting efforts during the holidays. While you might need to be more patient, there is a huge benefit in leveraging this slower time. With the proper strategy, it is possible to land your dream jobwhich will surely lead to some extra holiday cheer!

As a former agency and in-house recruiter, I can tell you that January is one of the busiest hiring months of the yearand the hires made in that month are being interviewed in November and December!

Increase Your Chances

With the end of the year approaching, many hiring managers are scrambling to fill positions that start in the beginning of January, when many organizations have fresh budgets to work with. Because many job seekers believe the holidays are not the time to hunt for work,there will be less competition for the positions you are interested in.

Be Flexible

Because a lot of companies want to fill certain positions before the end of the year, they need to move quickly when making hiring decisions. If it is too difficult to get you in the office for an in-person interview, they will move on to the next candidate. If youre serious about getting a new job before the New Year, you might need to be flexible with your holiday travel plans. Be game for last-minute interview requests!

Be Patient

On the flip side, it is also important to be patient with your job search during this time of the year because many key decision-makers are traveling or on vacation. It might take a few extra days to coordinate schedules, set up an interview, or for the company to make an offer. As always, you should follow up with your interviewers in an appropriate and timely manner.


Find an organization you are passionate about or one that is related to your desired industry. Not only will volunteering give you some extra brownie points with Santa, but it is alsoa great way to network with other like-minded professionals, gain news skills, and fill in any employment gaps in your resume.


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