8 Ways to Challenge Yourself If You Really Want a Job

8 Ways to Challenge Yourself If You Really Want a Job
From Recruiter - December 13, 2016

In my workshops, I often ask the participants to deliver their elevator speeches unrehearsed. Or Ill ask them to answer interview questions when they least expect it. Or Ill ask them to talk about their accomplishments.

In other words, I challenge them.

The job search is stressful as it is. I totally get this. But I also get that the more you challenge yourself in your job search, the easier it will become and the better youll do. Think of it as akin to pushing yourself to run that extra mile when you want to stop. Youll be better for it in the end.

Here are some ways you can challenge yourself andimprove your job search skills:

1. Allow Yourself to Be Put on the Spot

When someone like me asks you to deliver your commercial, dont bow out and say youre not prepared. So what if you feel uneasy in front of the other job seekers? So what if you dont do well at first?

When youre asked to describe your biggest challenge, dont plead the fifth. That wont fly in an interview. You cant say, Im not prepared for this question. Next.

So what if you dont get it right on your first try? Accept the challenge.

2. Tell People Youre Out of Work

Tomost people this seems like a no-brainer, but you mightbe surprised how embarrassed some people are about losing their jobs. They dont realize its a natural part of life, especially in a bad economy.

I encourage job seekers to let as many people as possible know theyre looking for a job, even if it means theyll be embarrassed. Take the challenge of contacting many people in person to let them know youre in transition. In other words, network within your community.

3. Attend Organized Networking Events

Youmay have heard thatno one likes networking events. Dont listen to the naysayers. Youll be passing up a great opportunity. Networking events offer the opportunity to engage in conversation with other job seekers who could provide sage advice or possible leads.

I know networking events can be uncomfortable, but I force myself to attend themsimply to sharpen my skills. I suggest you do thesame. Challenge yourself to attend at least two networking events a week.

4. Have Others Read Your Resume

You may think youve written a great resume and cover letter, but other people may not agreelike the time my wife told me she thought my resume was verbose. Im not sure if she used that word exactly, but I got the picture that someone reading it would think it laborious.

Asking my wife to read my resume took courage and prompted me to edit it. Challenge yourself to have someone else read your resume, and then take what they say as constructive criticism.


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