Workforce Management Solutions Come to the Cannabis Industry

Workforce Management Solutions Come to the Cannabis Industry
From Recruiter - December 13, 2016

Workforce management solutions (WMS) have been around for many years. This type of software automates and speeds up important tasks like payroll, scheduling, and employee onboarding. These solutions can also often help answer key questions about the cost and effectiveness of your workforce, including inquiries like Which shift has the lowest variance from standard labor cost and why? and Which store managers use the most overtime as a percentage of total labor cost?

Most good suppliers of WMSs tailor their products for the demands of a particular industry. Some industries face unique business regulations, andwithout WMSs designed specifically to account for those regulations,companies may not be able to run efficiently.

If you work for a hospital, for example, youlikely deal with a WMS specifically built for hospitals. Rules about nurse-to-patient coverage and other specific requirements for the field will be built into the WMS. Same goes for restaurants, department stores, and many other industries.

But what about the cannabis industry? WMSs for cannabis companies have only recently appeared, because the legal cannabis industry itself has only recently appeared. The good news is that the recent wave of states legalizing cannabis in this past election has lit a fire under everyone who seeks to sell goods and services to cannabis companies. Just as you would expect irrigation systems for cannabis growing to improve over the next few years, you should also expect WMSsfor cannabis companies to improve.

Whatthe Best Vendors Know

The legal cannabis industry is starting to invest in WMS technologyfor the same reason industriesinvest in any technology: to save money, to improve employee experience, and to improve customer experience.

If you work in thecannabis business and are shopping for a WMS right now, you should narrow your choice of vendors to companies that understand the requirements of the cannabis industry, including the state-specific laws, federal laws, and published memos and interpretations from the Department of Justice, the IRS, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) that affect how cannabis companies must manage employees and account for labor costs.

If you arent shopping for a WMS just yet and youre wondering if you can run your cannabis business by using whiteboards for scheduling, free apps for timekeeping, and asking your bookkeeper to run your payroll on Quickbooks, the honest answer is Maybe. However, theprobability of running your business efficiently via these methods goes down over time.


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