Why Every Company Should Implement a Leadership Development Program in 2017

Why Every Company Should Implement a Leadership Development Program in 2017
From Recruiter - December 14, 2016

Its hard to believe that 2016 has nearly come to an end, but what better time to start thinking of your organizations learning and development programs than with the fresh start of 2017 on the horizon?

Companies implement thousands of programs not only to ensure that their employees are happy and thriving, butalso toattract the talent they need to continue succeeding. And yet, for most companies, the thought of developing a new program to implement in the new year can seem daunting.

However, I think one program that all organizations should consider launching in 2017 is a formal leadership development programone that brings a level of middle management to the organization.

Leadership development programs ensure that employees who are managing individuals and teams for the first time are learning how to succeed intheir roles and developing authentic relationships with their direct reports. Furthermore, these programs help employees grow in their careers and become more comfortable adopting managerial roles.

Lets take a look at the components that should go into your new leadership development program in the coming year:

Learning to Coach

Conversations between managers and direct reports need to happen more frequently than they typically do. Instead of a yearly performance review wherein employees receive feedback from their managers, workers should feel empowered to have more of an ongoing dialogue.

Traditionally, performance reviews come with negative feedback, but a leadership development program teachers managers how to provide coaching to their direct reports in a more natural and timely way. When feedback is given in the moment (rather than months later), it allows the manager to focus on how their team can do better work moving forward, instead of on how things could have been different in the past.

Bringing in Outside Help


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