5 Reasons Why Social Proof Matters to Recruiters

5 Reasons Why Social Proof Matters to Recruiters
From Recruiter - December 15, 2016

As the unemployment rate shrinks, the competition for jobs is growing. At the same time, employers havechanged the way the vet candidates. CareerBuilders annual social media recruitment surveyfound that 60 percent of employers check candidates social media accountsa 500 percent increase over the last decade.

Employers want more than resume clichs from candidates, which is why your social media activityand the things people say about you on social mediaspeak so loudly to employers. We call this social proof: proof of the value you create as an employee shared by others on social media.

Many people fail to invest in collecting social proof, but thats a big mistake. Here are five ways in which a lack of social proof can harm your career:

1. A Lack of Social Proof Suggests You Havent Done Anything Impressive

Does the clich Theres nothing here to write home about apply to you? When employers are checking your social media profiles, having nothing to show is equally as bad as a profile full of inappropriate party pictures.Who are you? Are you more than competent at your current position? How do you contribute? These are the questions employers want your social media presence to answer.

Social proof sells your knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you want to be discovered, you need to point employers toward your rich profiles and portfolios online.

2. A Lack of Social Proof Exposes an Incomplete Career Story

Most people have incomplete social profiles and resumes full of generalities.Unless referred by someone for a job, they will unlikely receive any calls back from employers. If you dont havesubstance to display, your chances of being ignored are high.

A complete story thatincludes social proof can show the accomplishments and impact of your career. Someone interested in your career exploits will want to stay informed about what youre up toand thats a good thing! That means you are memorable and have created a meaningfulstory for your career.

3. A Lack of Social Proof Reveals a Lack of Hustle


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