The Interview Isn't Over Until You've Sent Your Follow-Up Notes

The Interview Isn't Over Until You've Sent Your Follow-Up Notes
From Recruiter - December 15, 2016

Some peoplebelieve the interview is over oncetheyve shaken hands with the interviewers and left the room. That went well, they think. Now its time to wait for the decision.

And perhaps it did go wellbut perhaps one or two other candidates also had stellar interviews and followed up on their interviews with thank-you notes.

So heres the question: When is the interview really over?

The answer: not until youve sent afollow-up note!

If you dont believe that a follow-up note is important, read this articleand note that, according to CareerBuilder,when a candidate does not send a follow-up:

- 22 percent of employers are less likely to hirethem;
- 86 percent of employers say it shows a lack of follow-through;
- and 56 percent of employers say the candidate isnt really serious about the job.

If these figures arent enough to convince you to follow up after an interview, then you shouldnt hold out much hope of getting a jobespecially when smart job seekers around you are sending notes. I hope this gets your attention!

If youre wondering how to go about sending a follow-up note, start by considering to whom you will send it and how you will send it.

To Whom Do You Send a Follow-Up?

If youre interviewed by five people, how many unique follow-up notes should you send? The correct answer is five. Take the time to write a unique follow-up to everyone who interviewed you.

(These notes really matter. Read my post on a thank you note that was sent to my daughter after a college visit.)

How Do You Send Your Note?

You can send your follow-up note via email or you can send a hard copy. This depends on your preference and/or the industry. For example, someone in the humanities might prefer a thank-you card, whereas someone in the tech sector might appreciate an email.

Heres an idea: Send both an email immediately after the interview and a professional card a week later.

What Do You Say in Your Follow-Up Note?


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