How Do We Bring Charisma to Social Networking?

How Do We Bring Charisma to Social Networking?
From Recruiter - December 16, 2016

Real charisma isnt about being the loudest or brightest person in the room. Real charisma is based on our ability to pay attention to other people. When youare with someone who is truly charismatic,you often feel like youre the only other person in the room! Its a great feeling.

It is a behavioral science fact that human beings are hard-wired to think about something other than themselves for a maximum of 15 seconds. Thats about the time it takes to read one of those generic I would like to add you to my network notes. This note is immediately followed by the thought, What do they want?

For a moment, consider how low the bar is actually set in terms of how we perceive these messages.

We would like to raise that bar.

In our skill training, I would like to believe that we help people become more caring, more curious, and more supportive of others. We find these characteristics tend to lead to business success that is not only sustainable, but also more pleasurable.

Charisma Cannot be Faked

In advance, the personal story Im about to share isnt political. It is an example of what it means to pay attention to someonethe essence of charisma.

In the 90s, my younger brother went to Africa as a member of the Peace Corps. During his assignment, he developed a parasitic infection that attacked his nervous system. They quarantined him. Unfortunately, the local hospital was not equipped to deal with his deteriorating health. He was dying. In despair, my mother sent a letter by FedEx to Hillary Clinton. Two days later, the federal government got my brother out of the hospital and transported him home. He recovered.

Years later, Hillary Clinton was at Vromans Bookstore in Pasadena signing copies of Living History. My mother stood in line for a few hours and when they met, she thanked Clinton for saving her sons life. As Clinton smiled broadly, a look of recognition came across her face. She choked up and said his name.

She remembered everyone.

She wanted to know everything about his recovery. Time stopped, and for a few moments, my mother was the only person in line.


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