All Work and No Play? AT&T Says No Way

All Work and No Play? AT&T Says No Way
From Recruiter - December 20, 2016

As a massive global company, AT&T knows a thing or two about successful business models. Adapting to the times, the company has evolved its corporate culture and business model to suit the needs of modern workers.

While you might expect things to be pretty serious inside the walls of a multinational telecommunications firm, that isnt always the case, according to Stephanie Boyce, associate director and communications lead of global talent attraction at AT&T.

Were always focused on innovation and whats next, Boyce says. We believe collaboration is a key part of making innovation happen, so as an organization we encourage collaboration within and across teams. This should be fun! Dont misunderstand, our employees work hard, but they are encouraged to have fun while doing it.

AT&T holds frequent, fun-filled team-building exercisesfor employees in order tostrengthen workforce cohesion and raise employee satisfaction levels.

Of course, itsnot allfun and games. As part of AT&Ts culture, even the lowest entry-level worker is invited tohave an impact on the company, Boyce says.

For example, theres AT&TsInnovation Pipeline, which Boyce describes as a dynamic online crowd-sourcing platform with over 37,000 ideas submitted since its inception and over 130,000 employees engaged from across the globe.

Boyce says that the pipeline has helped AT&T create new products, processes, and improvements within the company.

We recognize the benefit of unleashing the talent within our organization and the incredible end-products our teams can produce, Boyce says.

How to Attract the Best Talent

Becoming a Fortune 10 company doesnt happen overnight. No, that sort of success only happens if you can recruit the best of the best.

It starts with doing everything we can to show the world what its really like to work at AT&T and what we have to offer the talent of today and tomorrow, says Boyce. To accomplish this, we invested in developing a recognized employer brand, as well as an extensive and innovative recruitment marketing strategy.

Like most companies, AT&T advertises its openings via traditional channels like job boards and aggregators. Recently, however, the company has also started to focus on creating authentic employee content.


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