In the Hiring Process, There Are Two Sides to the Story – Are You Paying Attention to Both?

In the Hiring Process, There Are Two Sides to the Story – Are You Paying Attention to Both?
From Recruiter - December 22, 2016

There are two sides to every story, and this is especially true when it comes to the hiring process. Job seekers want to find the right positions and companies for their careers, and employers are looking for high performers who will fill their talent needs. Everyone involved is looking for a happily ever afterbut that doesnt always happen.

Once an employee-employer match has been made, it often becomes clear that the two parties are on completely different pages and the connection isnt as great as it seemed to be. These sorts of mismatches are so prevalent that a 2015 Indeed studyfound that within 91 days of being hired, 65 percent of new employees are already looking for new jobs.

To avoid high turnover rates, organizations need to start considering the candidates side of the story. By understanding candidateexpectations and experiences, employers can understandjob seekersfrom a new perspective. That shift can help you better identify the right talent for your company.

Here are four hiring process factors to reconsider in order to get yourself on the same page as yourcandidates:

1. How InformativeAre Your Job Descriptions?

The job description starts the relationshipbetween a candidate and an employer. Unless both are picturing thesame details about the position or the company, its impossible to align expectations or for either side to make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, most job postings focus only on the employers needs. Ajob seeker is left to read the required skills, compare them to their own skill set, and try to determine how it all translates into a job. What they end up imagining may or may not match reality.

Revisit your job descriptions from a job seekers perspective. What questions might they have after reading one of your job posts? What might stand out to them as unique or interesting? Dont think theyre just looking for information about salary:a 2016 study from CareerBuilder found that when considering a job, 76 percent of job seekers want to know what a typical day would be like and 82 percent want to know about the companys team structure and how theyd fit into it.

2.How Much Time Do Candidates Have to Spend on Your Applications?

How long do you think a typical job seeker spends filling out an application? If youre like most employers, your guess is probably less than an hour, according to a report from CareerArc.

In reality,the average candidate actually spends 3-4hours on every application. That time not only includes filling out a form, but also researching the company and deciding whether or not its a good fit. Candidates aregiving organizations a lot of consideration, but employers are not returning the favor: 72 percent of hiring managers spend less than 15 minutes reviewing an application. Its doubtful thats enough time to think about things from the candidates perspective.


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