A Recruiter's Approach to Finding Great Team Players

A Recruiter's Approach to Finding Great Team Players
From Recruiter - December 30, 2016

Finding and hiring great team players is a challenge for most organizations. One of the obvious solutions is to hire an outside recruiting firm to help youbut what if you are that recruiting firm?

That was the case with my client J2T Recruiting Consultants,a successful boutique accounting and finance recruiting firm in Denver. Owner Julie Scates and her team took a unique approach to finding a new team member.

Julie describes the challenge of finding a new recruiter for J2T by saying, We go to our network on a regular basis and ask, Who do you know in the accounting and finance space? But now we wanted to ask them, Who do you know from our competitors? Even our most loyal clients use two or three recruiting firms when sourcing a new position. So, we knew they were aware of other great recruiters but protective of their relationships. We needed a carrot.

J2T decided the carrot was two tickets to an upcoming Denver Broncos gameperfect for a city filled with Broncos fans.

The month-long contest was simple but effective. Julie describes the contest like so:We made it easy for people to qualify for the drawing. We simply said, Youre getting this request because you know J2T and you know what were about. Send us a name of someone you know, like, and trust in the financial recruiting industry that we should know.

Julie says it was important to be specific about the carrot. J2T made it clear to everyone that the two tickets were in the first row of the infamous south standswhere the fans are rowdy, fun, and full of energy. Also, the seats were right behind the goal post, where fans are regularly captured on TV.

The tickets cost me a small fortune, $1,800. But it was the best $1,800 I spent all year, Julie says.

J2T sent the contest to several hundred contacts who produced 103 names. Of those names, 30 were duplicates, which meant they immediately shot to the top of the list.

My clients did the work of filtering the list for me, Julie says.


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