Sometimes 'It's Gonna Suck': Ground-Level Insights on Remote Work From Remote Workers

Sometimes 'It's Gonna Suck': Ground-Level Insights on Remote Work From Remote Workers
From Recruiter - December 30, 2016

We talk a lot here at about remote workers, the benefits of flexible work programs, and the changing workforce. These discussions often center around an interview with an expert on those topics. But what about the remote workers themselves? What do they have to say about the situation?

The folks, a resource website for companies interested in or already embracing remote work, wondered the same thing. Thats why theyve launched a new section of their websitethat givesreal remote workers the chance to express their thoughts on their careers and how working remotely impacts their daily lives.

Reading how real remote workers and digital nomads work this way can help everyone, from people considering remote work to people whove worked remotely for years, says Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of and FlexJobs. Remote work comes with its own positives and challenges. Rather than just talking about them in theory, we wanted to hear what works and what doesnt from the folks who put remote work into practice every day.

Over on, remoter workers have answered 32 different questions covering a number of different topics, including how to get started as a remote worker, the impact of such work on workers personal lives, and the digital nomad phenomenon, a lifestyle in which employees are constantly traveling as they work.

Below, youll find a few of the answers we found most interesting, amusing, or helpful.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Considering a Remote Job?

Make sure youre good with deadlines and self-motivation. Its incredibly easy to become distracted if you rely too much on outside guidance and management to get things done, says Colin Wright, digital nomad and author of Exile Lifestyle.

Remember that its gonna suck, says Scott Hanselman, a program manager for Microsoft.Theyll forget you exist. Theyll ask When are you coming up next? and they dont know how to set up the camera.

How Do You Avoid Becoming Distracted When Working Remotely?


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