Candidate Engagement: Will You Lead the Pack in 2017?

Candidate Engagement: Will You Lead the Pack in 2017?
From Recruiter - January 3, 2017

Every organization has its own definition of staying ahead of the competition. For talent acquisition leaders, however, it can only mean one thing: Beating your competitors to the best hires. In 2017, thats going to happen for the companies that are able to turn up their levels of candidate engagement, and technology will play a critical role in those efforts.

Is your T.A. team equipped and ready to lead the way?

4 Ways Video Technology WillElevate Talent Acquisition Performance in 2017

We know the candidate experience is paramount. We cant just pay it lip service and presume well succeed. Todays candidates expect more. They want their interactions with hiring companies to be high touch, high tech, and most of all,fair and transparent.

Companies aiming to attract, engage, and hire the best candidates, like the 2016 CandE Award winners, are embracing video technology in the hiring life cycle because of its power to capture attention and build emotional connections.

In 2017, video tech will make a huge impact on hiring performance and candidate experience in four key ways:

1. Extending Candidate Reach to Build Talent Communities

Skill shortages will continue to be an issue in this coming year, so expect more resources to go into extending candidate reach in order to build talent pipelines.

Companies that use purpose-built video interviewinghave found this tech is well suited to creating and managing talent communities. By design, many videoplatforms foster well-developed candidate experiences; many of these platforms also offer candidate relationship management functionality.

Companies use video software to attract and engage candidates on social channels and career sites. The software functions as a complement to an applicant tracking system and enables companies to give candidates more authentic insights intotheir employment experiences.

2. Meeting Candidates Where They Are With Mobile


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