What Makes a Recruiter Stop Reading Your Resume? [Infographic]

What Makes a Recruiter Stop Reading Your Resume? [Infographic]
From Recruiter - January 9, 2017

Recruiters claim to spend five minutes reviewing each resume they receive, but they actually only average six seconds per resume, according to MightyRecruiter (full infographic below). Thats a 5000 percent discrepancy.

Clearly, recruiters want to be perceived as being thorough when reviewing resumes. However, many recruiters dont have enough time to be as thorough as theyd like to be with each resume.

Time Spent vs. Information Learned

But how efficient can a recruiter be? Because good recruiters create good systems to increase the volume of resumes they receive, they are often looking for reasons to eliminate an applicant so that they can move on to evaluating the next talented candidate. A recruiter simply doesnt have time to consume an applicants entire professional story.

Warren Myers, a seasoned automation professional, succinctly explains on Quora how resume evaluation can move from three seconds to fifteenseconds to actually reading the entire document:

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Resume Red Flags Have Little to Do With Qualifications

What causes a resume to be flagged as unqualified? According to MightyRecruiter, the top six resume red flags for recruiters are:


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