What Business and HR Leaders Must Focus on in 2017

What Business and HR Leaders Must Focus on in 2017
From Recruiter - January 9, 2017

Its the beginning of a newyear, a time traditionally reserved for reflection and self-analysisnot onlyfor individuals, but for businesses as well. Many of us spend Januarypondering our resolutions for the coming year, but in boardrooms around the world, executives are looking back over 2016 at what they did right and what they could have done better.

A number of issues seem to have been flagged across organizations and industries this year. Many companies are usingoutdated training programs, struggling to retain top talent, and/or lacking in employee engagement initiatives, according to a study from Waggl,an employee feedback platform.

Training Day

Only 34 percent of respondents to Waggls Voice of the Workplace surveyor pulse in Waggl parlancesaid that their current training programs are meeting development needs. That means a whopping 66 percent are using training programs that are out of date or at least partially ineffective.

We work with companies of all sizes, and the common issue we see with respect to training is that although most organizations have training programs in place, they arent always getting enough feedback on the effectiveness to make updates in real time, given the pace of rapid change in the workplace, says Michael Papay, CEO of Waggl. HR departments often send transactional smile sheets right after a training program, but the feedback isnt authentic or dynamic enough to really help shape the program.

Papay also notes it is important that the organizations leaders support and help facilitate the learning events in order to ensure that they are aligned with the companys strategy.

Companies that do have effective training programs in place are better able to retain talent, which ultimately cuts down on the churn and disruption and eliminates the need to constantly recruit for new talent, Papay adds.

Best of the Best

Of course, before you can train workers, you have to hire them. Eighty-six percent of survey respondents said their company could do more to attract top talent.

These results clearly illustrate that hiring, retention, and communication are top of mind for HR and business leaders right now, says Papay.


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