Should I List My Hobbies on my Resume?

Should I List My Hobbies on my Resume?
From Recruiter - January 9, 2017

You have many talents! You can pull off atriple axel during your weekend figure skating meets. At last months lunker competition, you used your well-honed fishing strategies to snag an 18-pound bass. And your mixology skills are to die forjust wait until people try your latest invention, the Double Cranberry Tom Collins!

No question, your mothers proud of you. And she should be, bubbeleh! Youre amazing!

But would a potential employer be equally impressed if they saw your hobbies on your resume?

Hobbies and resumes can be a tricky combination. The purpose of a resume is to sell to a hiring manager and recruiter your ability to do a jobin such a way as to set yourself apart from the crowd. So, before including your championship tiddlywinks credentials on your resume,ask yourself a few questions:

1. Will My Hobbies Help Me Highlight My Skills and Abilities to a Potential Employer?

I have a friend who hascompeted in Scrabble tournaments. He was nationally ranked and traveled the country to play the game against the best players. Think about the skills involved in Scrabble. Its highly analytical, requires both verbal and mathematical skills, and makes you think on your feet to solve problems. For these reasons, Id consider including it on aresume.

Likewise, an engineer who competes in robotics tournaments shows that they areinventive, analytical, and driven.

2. Did I Attain Substantial Achievements in My Hobby?

It can improve an employers perception of you if you have achieved the pinnacle of your pastime.

Lets say you were selected for your countrys Olympic curling team. Even if you chose not to participate due to other life obligations, you can demonstrate that you exercised the discipline to be ranked world-class in something. This isnt limited to athletics, either. Perhaps you won a creative writing contest. It can count.


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