Remote Way: It's Like Studying Abroad, But for Remote Workers

Remote Way: It's Like Studying Abroad, But for Remote Workers
From Recruiter - January 9, 2017

Wouldnt it be nice to work from Buenos Aires for a month? Maybe hop across the Atlanticto Valencia after that?

Sadly, few of us have had that sort of opportunityuntil now, that is.

EnterRemote Way, which is currently accepting applications for its study-abroad-style remote work program. The program, which is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Michele Romanov, Anatoliy Melnichuk, and Michael Cronin,will give 75 currently employed people the chance to travel to South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia while working their jobs, participating in activities and excursions, and building a community of remote workers.

With Remote Way, we aim to change the way people live and define success, Cronin wrote in an email Q&A we conducted. There can be so much more to life than a big apartment with expensive rent!

How Does It Work?

Essentially, its a study abroad program for remote workers. Workersapply to the program, with the option of choosing between a four-month plan in South America, a three-month plan in Europe and Africa, a three-month plan in Asia, or a ten-month global plan that spans all four areas.

Because the program isoffered directly to workers, rather than through specific employers, accepted individuals will be footing the bill themselvesbut at $2,000 a month, the program cost is lower than the monthly cost of living in many major American cities. Included in the cost are coworking spaces, private accommodations, transportation to each destination, and a variety of courses, activities, and day trips.

We take full advantage of the places we travel to, enjoying everything they have to offer, whether its snorkeling with dolphins in Costa Rica, hiking volcanoes, or tasting local cuisines, Cronin wrote. We also believe in constant learning as an important way to stay happy and young. So well have lessons set up for conversational Spanish, cooking with locals, surfing, scuba, and many more activities.

Cronin doesnt see these extracurriculars as simple bonuses. To him, theyre core to the Remote Way experience.

We dont travel to cross a place off a bucket list, but to experience it fully in the best way possible, partaking in its unique experience, he wrote.


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