How Small Businesses Can Attract Great Hires

How Small Businesses Can Attract Great Hires
From Recruiter - January 16, 2017

For small business owners, attracting great hires can be a challenge. To give yourself the greatest chance of success, youll need to lay out a clear recruitment planby defining your ideal candidate and then presenting your company in a way that entices high-quality candidates who are the perfect fit.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for how you can help your recruitment partner attract high-caliber hires without having to rely on offering a market-beating salary.

Clearly Define the Role

The battle to attract great hires starts with defining what great looks like for the role in question. Small businesses are tight-knit communities of workers withvaried skill sets. As such, its a great idea to get as much input from other team members as you possibly can when defining the hiring criteria that are most likely to result in a winning hire. What skills does the new hire need? How will the new hire help the company achieve its business goals? What tasks will they be performing?

By hiring with a defined goal in mind, youll be able to develop a more detailed job description that speaks to candidates who match your brief. Many small businesses fall into the trap of writing vague job descriptions. Unfortunately, these are off-putting to candidates who want clarity in the roles theyre applying for. By taking the time to write a job description that is a true reflection of the role in question, youll have a better chance of attracting candidates who fit the bill.

Create an Attractive Company Culture and Showcase Your Employer Brand

Building an employer brand takes time, but its more than worth it in the long run. As an employer youll need to find a way to tellthe world what its like to work for your company.

You could opt for a section on your website that illustrates your company culture in an engaging and persuasive manner. This could take the form of employee blogs, photos, employee endorsements, and the like. Social media can also be a great forum for presenting your company culture. Whatever medium you choose, focus on showcasing your values (diversity, work/life balance, etc.) and your company culture. If you do that, youll likely find it easier to attract like-minded people to your business.

Remember, there are some great benefits to working for a small business. Close-knit teams, the chance to gain experience in different areas, the potential for rapid career progressionall can be great draws for candidates. The key is to consistently highlight them through your job descriptions, website, company blogs, and social media.

Provide Valuable Perks

Employee perks dont have to break yourbudget. Not everyone wants gym memberships and expensive day trips.

Where possible, try offering flexible working options. Work/life balance is becoming increasingly important to job seekers. In a recent survey of 1,587 employees and 310 employers conducted by My Family Care and Hydrogen, an impressive 53 percent of employees stated they would choose flexible work options over a 5 percent salary increase. This figure was even higher for working parents, 58 percent of whom said they were willing to sacrifice a 5 percent pay raise for the chance to work flexibly. Just think of all the highly talented people you could be missing out on by not offering flexible work!


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