New Survey Says Retail Customer Service and Sales Reps Struggle in 5 Key Areas

New Survey Says Retail Customer Service and Sales Reps Struggle in 5 Key Areas
From Recruiter - January 16, 2017

Making the right hires iscritical for any retailer looking to boost sales. Knowing what traits to look for in candidates can give retailers a leg up on the competitionespecially with unemployment falling and the talent pool shrinking.

Online reference-checkerSkillSurvey recently released data revealing the top areas in whichretail customer service and sales representatives need a little improvement:

According tothe study, which was based on more than 19,000 references providing feedback on 4,000 candidates, customer service and sales reps across the board have trouble upselling and lack the ability to clearly communicate with shoppers.

These insights can help retailers improve their hiring processes, createmore successful onboarding programs, and immediately serve customers more effectively.

The survey indicates that retailers can lose money when they dont take the time to identify and hire candidates with skills such as the ability to gather the right information from customers and tailor their recommendations accordingly, says Ray Bixler, president and CEO of SkillSurvey. Quality hires are critical because they positively impact customer interactions and therefore the bottom line of the business.

Ineffective Ads, Interviews, and Onboarding Lead to Weaker Hires

Many companies fail torecognizekey behaviorsor their lackwhen assessingcandidates because ofpoorly written job descriptions and ineffective interview practices.

A well-written job description should include the necessary behaviors required for the role, which should then be reinforced in a structured interview, says Bixler. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a new hire ahead of time can help employers make more strategic decisions about how they deploy and train incoming employees.


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