10 Job Search Strategies to Eclipse Your Reliance on a Resume

10 Job Search Strategies to Eclipse Your Reliance on a Resume
From Recruiter - January 17, 2017

Many people want the resume deador they at least want to hold a funeral for it. Its very sexy to proclaim the resumes demise, and it brings major street cred.

But the truth is the resume is still an essential part of your job search. Job descriptions still tell you where to send or upload it.Its a stimulant for conversations at every level.

But the rest is up to you. Resumes still matter, but they are not your primary tool for the job search anymore.They only jump-start the process. In fact, a resume alone does not give cause for an employer to call you. Recruiters and hiring managers will Google you first for more informationwhich is all the more reason for you to make sure Google points to your best profiles and work.

And get this: You can start your job search without a perfectresume. Your resume is not a magic potion. Those who obsess over tweaking it are overthinking it and its value.

What job search tactics provide more value than a resume alone? Here are 10:

1. Build aPersonal Brand That Has Global Appeal

Your skills can be taughtin the classroom, online, or through coaching. However, noone can learn your personality. Your life experiences, trials, victories, and outlook are unique to you. Once you understand how your skills and personality mesh to make a viable marketing unit, then you can confidently conquer whats yours.

2. Know Your Market Value

Negotiation is a constant fact of the job hunt, and everything is about your total compensation package. Think about your investment of time, travel to learn your skills, the value of the opportunity, and the process of perfecting your craft, and then research. There are many tools, articles, and books to help you determine your salary and market value.

3. Keep Lifestyle and Values in Mind

Consider options likeremote work. Stop treating life as it were the obstacle to your ideal career. The happiest people are those who manage to wrap their careers around what matters to them most. Recognize the nuances of your lifestyle; they will show you how to shape your career around lifes challenges.

4. Deliver Content Where It Is Needed and Wanted

Too many job seekers move from job to job.If your goal is to take control of your career, then you have to create quality opportunities byproviding content. The more recruiters and employers know about you, the more likely they will be to contact you about open roles. Providing content allows you to control the conversation by focusing it on your strengths and expertise.

5. Make Sure You Deliver Content Through the Right Channels

How you deliver content matters. You want to be top of mind. Consider posting on a personal website or via LinkedIn Pulse. You could even offer instructional videos onYouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat. Podcasts are also a way to provide raw, informative, and personable content to create engagement and visibility.


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