Creating Globally Dispersed Teams That Succeed

Creating Globally Dispersed Teams That Succeed
From Recruiter - January 18, 2017

In todays shrinking world, more and more companies strive to go globalto break into new markets, leverage different sources of talent, and turn themselves into international brands.

But before an organization can achieve this goal, it is essential to recruit the right people to lead successful operations in new locations. If local talent is hard to find in new markets, then existing talent should be deployed to those frontiers.

An effective talent mobility program forms a crucial part of any recruiting programespecially for those organizations seeking to expand around the globe. Its much better to hire the right people in the wrong location than vice versa! High-quality talent can always be moved to other locations where they can add greater value, but bad hires can hurt performance in the markets most crucial to acompanys growth.

Unfortunately,many aspiring worldwideorganizations struggle to effectively recruit and deploy the talent they need to go global.

Recruiting the Best Talent

What can be done to build a globally successfully, globally dispersed team? The key is to hire people who not only share the companys goals and mission, but also have what it takes to help the organization goglobal. The right hires should understand how to succeed in the particular industry and be more than comfortable doing what is necessary to deliver on the companys initiatives. This means finding people who arent afraid to step outside their comfort zones, travel regularly, and jump on the phone at all hours of the night.

It is also critical tohire people who are excited to work around the world and willing to accept short- or long-term assignments in other countries. Given that 70 percent of millennials say their desire to travelis one of the primary reasons why they work, it shouldnt be hard to findsuch hires. To attract individuals eager to gain global experience, tout the global opportunities your organization can give them during the recruiting process.

You should also seek to hire from a diverse talent pool. Recruiting individuals from awide range of backgrounds, both professionally and culturally, will result in a team of outside-the-box thinkers who can develop new strategies to power the companys global growth. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to international expansion. Each location requires a unique and tailored strategy.


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