How to Be Intentional With Your Job Search

How to Be Intentional With Your Job Search
From Recruiter - January 20, 2017

If you decide its time to change your career path or find yourself unemployed, its easy to be overwhelmed by the job search. Your new part-time job becomes figuring out what job boards are relevant, reading job descriptions, andfilling out applications that seem to only grow in length.

The idea is to apply toas many jobs as possible and see what sticks, right?

May I suggest a new approach? Spend your time thinking about what you want out of your next career and apply for positions that will be rewarding to you. Though it may seem overwhelming,a job search is the perfect time to explore career possibilities and find the best possible fit. That is the employers goal, and it should be yours as well.

Being intentional about your job search takestime, but it is time well spentespecially when you end up landing a job you love.

Hereis how you can be intentional in your next job search:

1. Visualize

Before you run to your first Indeed search, take time to figure out what you want from your next careerthen write it down.

Consider all your previous experiences, including your likes, dislikes, need-to-haves, and nice-to-haves. You must prioritize what youre looking for in your next job. Once you have a solid list of career aspirations, dont compromise on your needs. As a recruiter, I would much rather be turned down by a candidate than have to reject a candidate because the position is not a good fit.

Creating alist of career aspirations will also help you when crafting cover letters and answering interview questions about your motivations, ideal culture, etc. Youll be fully aware ofwhy the position is a perfect fit for you!

2. Research

You dont know what you dont know. Your dream job could be in an industry that doesnt exist yet or is just blossoming. Find out what jobs are in demand and what the employment forecasts are for the coming years. Automation and machine learning will shift the job market dramatically in the future, so you must take this changing landscape into account as you plot your new career or job.

Prioritize your needs from your career aspiration list: location, position, benefits, work/life alignment, etc. Begin researching your top priority, then work through the rest of your needs. If you cant relocate, start your job search in your hometown. If you are open to moving, research your dream companies. Explore all opportunities, and dont be afraid to add to your career aspiration list throughout your research.

Build a list of companies to watch for future openings and positions that are a good fit now. Be picky. Do not apply for every job. In the same way that employers seriously consider applicants, you should seriously consider potential employers before applying.Do not waste your (and the recruiters) time on applications for jobs that are not a good fit.

3. Apply


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