4 Top-Tier Tools to Keep Your Employees Connected

4 Top-Tier Tools to Keep Your Employees Connected
From Recruiter - January 20, 2017

Communicating with clients is a critical work taskas is regularly interacting with your fellow employees.

Contrary to widely accepted belief, neither is more important than the other. Yes, loyal, long-term clients are the ones technically keeping your place of business afloat, but its a strong, unified team that keeps things running properly. Youd be wise to keepit this way.

If you want a unified team, you need to help your employees stay connected to one another. Recruiters and hiring managers put countless hours into onboarding the best talent your industry has to offer, and itsvital that this talent remains in constant, comfortable contact throughout the day.

The good news? Its 2017. Carrier pigeons and long walks down seemingly endless hallways to relay a five-second message are things of the past. To keep your team as connected and effective as possible, all you really need are a few tried-and-true communication tools.

1. Do

Long gone are the days when meetings were all about discussing goals and ideas. Sure, a sizable number of meetings are still geared toward this kind of activity, butnew technologies have made them more efficient.

This is where Do comes into the picture. Do is an all-inclusive, collaborative tool that allows people to take detailed notes, create agendas, and track progress, all while seated comfortably in a meeting.

And thats not even the best part.

Answer honestly: During a meeting, have you ever asked yourself, Couldnt we have gone without getting together like this? If so, youre in luck. Dos Insights feature tracks how much time and money are spent on meetings, helping youensure youre only investing in worthwhile meetings.

2. Trello

Theres a good chance you and your team have already heard of Trello. And you know what? That makes sense. Few tools are as well-equipped tokeep employees connected asTrello is.

Email is nice, but whose inbox is really hurting for more incoming material? Trello provides employees with a smarter, more streamlined way to tackle project management through its board system.

Staff members create boards representing key tasks whenever something needs to get down. Each board is composed of three columns: To-Do, Doing, and Done. Assignments move from left to right until a project is confidently completed.


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