What Does It Take to Be a 'Best Place to Work'? Glassdoor's Roadshow Aims to Answer That Question

What Does It Take to Be a 'Best Place to Work'? Glassdoor's Roadshow Aims to Answer That Question
From Recruiter - January 24, 2017

Every year for the past nine years, workplace review siteGlassdoorhas released a list of the Best Places to Workthat is, the companies with the highest ratings on the platform.

While this list tends to attract a lot of attention from talented professionals who want to work for the best employers, it also catches the eyes of many employers themselvesespecially those that dont make the list.

We find that there is this audience of employers that are really curious about how to become better workplaces themselves, says Lisa Holden, employer communications manager at Glassdoor.

Thats why last year Glassdoor launched its first Best Places to Work Roadshow, a multi-city event where representatives ofbest-place-to-work companies share their insights on what makes their organizations great and how other employers can follow their lead.

The purpose of the roadshow is first to give an overview of the best places to work list and how it comes together and second to give these winners the opportunity to show what theyve learned and share a little about their process forcultivating a positive workplace culture and making employees feel empowered, Holden says.

The 2017 roadshowkicks off on Feb. 2 and will feature organizations like Johnson & Johnson, SpaceX, Salesforce, and more.

What Happens at the Roadshow?

According to Holden, each stop on the 10-date tour is a little different, but in general, attendees can expect a rundown of the Best Places to Work list followed by a panel discussion where some of the lists winners will elaborate on how they build great cultures and the common traits of the best places to work.

[Winning organizations] are basically going to be asked a series questions giving them the opportunity to talk about their best practices and what they do to inspire their employees and create those really rich cultures that put them on this list, Holden says.

Some common topics of conversation include:

- how to improve a company culture and keep it working;

- tips on how to get your companyin the running for next years Best Places to Work list;

- and guidelines for making a great company culture part of your employer brand.

The Economic Benefits of Being a Best Place to Work

The roadshow stops will also feature some economic research conducted by Glassdoors chief economist, Andrew Chamberlain. The gist of the research? It pays to be one of the best places to work.

We know culture is valuable and that the right thing to do is to have a workplace culture that is vibrant and thriving, but beyond that, theres real economic research behind why this is so important, Holden says.


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