3 Things to Consider When an Interviewer Asks "Why Should We Hire You?"

3 Things to Consider When an Interviewer Asks "Why Should We Hire You?"
From Recruiter - January 24, 2017

For many job seekers, Why should we hire you? isone of the most difficult interview questions to answer. Dont take it from metake it from my clients, who list this as one of the hardest questions presented by interviewers.

I understand their concerns. To answer this question, youhave to articulate what the interviewer is trying to ascertain. In addition, you have to make your answer relevant to the job at hand and demonstrate the value youll bring to the company.

In other words, you cant use acanned answer for every employer with whom you interview.

The secret to answering this question is that you must address the three things employers look for in their employees. The first is that you can do the job, the second is that you will do the job, and the third is that you will fit in.

1. You Can Do the Job

Having the technical know-how is essential to performing the job and advancing in your career. That includes software and hardware proficiency, specialized knowledge, etc. However, transferable skills can be just as important, if not more important.

Its imperative that you understand the job extremely well and can address the technical and transferable skills. You do not have to address every single skill in your answer, as that will take too long. Begin your answer with something similar to the following:

I have a thorough understanding of the role and am confident I can meet the challenges it presents. For example, you require excellent leadership abilities, which Ive demonstrated in every position Ive had. You also need someone who can improve the visibility of your organization

You can cite additional examples. Just dont belabor the point.

2. You Will Do the Job

The interview will alsowant to know if youre in love with the responsibilities of the role and the mission of the organization. Will you work until the job is finished? Will you overcome obstacles?

Why you want to work for the company is another concern theyll have. I tell my clients that no company wants someone whos just looking for any job they can get.


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