Can a 'Leadership Simulator' Help You Make Better Succession Plans?

Can a 'Leadership Simulator' Help You Make Better Succession Plans?
From Recruiter - January 27, 2017

Running a successful company requires a team of successful managers. The day-to-day operations of most organizationsdepend on quality management, so its important to get the right people into those positions in a timely manner.

Not every good employee makes a good manager. An excellent worker can know the business inside and out and still lack the correct skill set to manage other people.

There are two main factors at work here, according toSarah Glass, vice president, talent solutions, at talent selection and employee development firm OutMatch.

First, the requirements for the successor role are often different fromthe requirements of the existing role where the candidate was successful, Glass says. Without a framework, it is difficult for managers to assess what a persons potential might be at the next level, as well as the next 2-3levels.

For example, Glass says, there is very little correlation between success as a salesperson and success as a sales manager, director, or executive. These roles require very different competencies.

And yet, when identifying those who have the potential to be successful at other levels in an organization, managers immediately look to those who are successful in their current role, Glass says. Those competencies that make someone successful as a salesperson independence, competitiveness, making decisions in the momentmay actually become barriers at the next level where a manager needs to focus on process, coaching others, and delegating.

The second factor at work is that managers often make succession choices based on subjectivefactors and biases.

Oftentimes, factors such as the persons likability, how similar they are to the manager, and their culture fit with the organization and department are important factors to a manager, which may not translate into how successful they are at the next level, Glass says.

Making an Informed Decision Through Simulation


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