4 Ways to Get New Hires Up to Speed – Fast

4 Ways to Get New Hires Up to Speed – Fast
From Recruiter - January 30, 2017

Just four years ago, the average time to hire was 13 days. Now it takes about23 days. Not only does a lengthier hiring process negatively affect the candidate experiencewhich is key to recruiting the best talentbut it also means that it takes longer for a new hire to become a productive employee.

Its a total lose-lose situation.

This was the issue facing my own company, Red Branch Media, not too long ago.So, I went back to the drawing board to see how I could speed up our hiring process. Here is the game plan I came up with, as well as my recommendations toany company struggling with lengthy hiring and onboarding processes:

1. Look at Your Employee Referrals First

If I want a fast, reliable hire, the best sourcing tool I have is my own team. Hiring involves several factors. One of the biggest and baddest of them allis the cost. Because replacing a salaried employee can cost about $20,000 to $30,000, I want to make sure this investment is a quality one. I want to make sure we hire someone who is a great fit for the culture weve built, someone reliable and loyal. If you trust your team, which Id hope you do, you should welcome referrals.

A referral isa hire you can trust (almost) immediately. Because they were brought to your attention by a trusted employee, you can safely assume the cultural fit will have a natural feel.

Of course, you cant make all your hires through referrals, so I also source local colleges and universities for grads who have the background I want and the desire to build their agency portfolio.

2. Craft Workflows to Speed Up Onboarding

At The Branch, we are firm believers in workflows. We craft workflows, or processes, for jobs weve done over and over and will continue to do time and time again. These processes are the final drafts of what gave us the best results each time we did it. We kick our workflowsoff at the start of every large and small project, from creating an email to welcoming our clients and onboarding new hires.

Building a workflow for repeatable processes keeps the team from running around like a flock of headless chickens. We can go through the motions of a well-structured, step-by-step process of everything that needs to happen on an employees first day.

To start your own workflow, think of all the information you wish you had on your first day. Think about what tools you need to survive the first week, whom you would love to be introduced to, what facilities/parts of the building youre allowed to explore and which are off-limits, the times of weekly meetings, best practices, company expectations/guidelinesthe whole works.

Think of which team members can tackle each task and what order these tasks need to follow and youre there. The workflow is set. Follow it, memorize it, perfect it. We use a tool called Bitrix24, but systems like Slack, Basecamp, Asana, and even a supercharged email tool like Gmail or Outlook can producesimilarresults.

Some tasks included in our onboarding workflow:


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