The Best and Bravest Question to Ask in a Job Interview

The Best and Bravest Question to Ask in a Job Interview
From Recruiter - January 31, 2017

Article by Jenny Hargrave

What is the one thing everyone wants to know at the end of an interviewand yet rarely asks about? We want to know how we performed. We want to know if there is anything the interviewer didnt like about us. The initial post-interview high and sense of relief can, all too easily, change to feelings of uncertainty.

The solution is simple: Ask.

For example, Having met me, do you think that I am a potential match for this position, and do you have any reservations at this stage?

Asking a decision-maker why they wouldnt hire you might feel uncomfortable at first, but this question can provide huge benefits and give you an advantage over your competition. Here are some of those benefits:

1. It Gives You a Voice

Leaving an interviewer with no concerns about your match for a role is the ideal conclusion for any interview. By just asking, you might uncover some potential reservations that you will be able to counter easily with additional information or relevant work examples. The average interview lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. A reservation can simply stem from a particular area of experience not being fully discussed and explored during the time set aside for the interview.

2. It Demonstrates Openness

Asking for feedback at the end of an interview indicates that you are straightforward, approachable, and a good communicator. Individuals who are open to feedback tend to also build good, collaborative work relationships. These are all very attractive employee qualities, especially in the eyes of the person who will be managing you.

3. It Highlights Your Focus on Personal Development


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