4 Tips for Targeting Millennial Candidates

4 Tips for Targeting Millennial Candidates
From Recruiter - February 1, 2017

One goalfor many businesses, regardless of industry, is to reach and attract millennial talent. As with all generationsbefore them, millennials are driven by many factors that are unique to their particular age group. According to Deloittes Millennial Survey 2016, the best way to recruit members of this group is to tailor outreach efforts to match their preferences.

Millennials want to work for a company that will add meaning to their lives, says Andrew Allen, marketing manager at talent management software solution Saba. They want to feel like the work they do makes a difference and that the company they work for produces something meaningful to the world. That could be innovative technology applications, cutting-edge biotech, or even providing clean drinking water to poor communities.

Work-life balance is also a huge part of what drives millennials career choices. Flexible work schedules or work-from-home policies provide adaptable timetables that millennials find attractive. In an economy where unemployment is low and skilled talent is in high demand,millennials are in a position where they can demand this type of flexibility.

Companies should still offer competitive wages and benefits, but priorities have shifted a bit for the millennial generation. In addition to meaningful and flexible work, camaraderieand culture are also much more important to millennials than they have been to past generations.

I warn recruiters against focusing too much on the latest trendy perk, like plush couches, a cool office with guitars and ping pong tables, or unlimited vacation policies, says Allen. Those things are great, but I know of companies that have these things where the people are so overworked they never use them. Theyre just for show, not truly part of the company culture. If these things arent part of your culture, millennials are going to see them for what they truly are: gimmicks.

Instead,focus on the things millennials care about. Show them how theyll be integral pieces of the large company picture. Talk to them about the companys vision and how the organization aims to make the world better. Give millennials the opportunity to grow through mentorship and training programs. These actions will all give millennials more compelling reasons to stick around than competitive wages and benefits packages would on their own.

A companys digital presences is also important to millennials, so be sure it is kept current at all times. Much like hiring managers scour the web for information on candidates, job seekers spend plenty of time researching potential employers on the internet.

Here are a few moretips from Allen on how to increase millennial engagement, both during the hiring process and once theyre on board:

1. Be Transparent


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