3 Companies That Nailed Content Marketing to Recruit Top Candidates

3 Companies That Nailed Content Marketing to Recruit Top Candidates
From Recruiter - February 13, 2017

Wouldnt it be great if you had the time, energy, and resources to personally speak with every prospective employee who took a quick look at your careers page?

Yes, if you could just find a way to personally connect with each candidate to share what life is really like at your company, youre confident youd be able to attract top-quality talent perfectly suited to your unique culture and values.

Unfortunately, that strategy is not only impractical, but also nearly impossible to implement. Instead, you need to let something else do the talking for you. As an employer, that magical something should be your employer brand and your content.

Employer Branding, Meet Content Marketing

To be successful, you know that your company needs to market itself to clients and consumers. After all, thats how you get dollars through the door, right?

However, thats not the only marketing you should be concerned with. In addition to establishing a great reputation with buyers, you also need to market yourself as an awesome employerbecause thats how you get top-notch talent through the door (which is, arguably, just as important).

By now, we all know the hiring process is a two-way street. Youre trying to find candidates who are the best fit for your company, and those candidates are on the lookout for companies that are the best fit for them. This is where your employer brand comes into play.

Your employer brand tells a storyit shares who you are, what you do, what you care about, and what exactly makes your company a special place to work. Your content marketing strategy makes up a huge piece of this puzzle.

Through videos, images, blog posts, social posts, job ads, website copy, and more, every single piece of your content gives prospective candidates a glimpse behind the reception desk. Your content illustrates what its like to work in your office and be a part of your team. Even further, effective content means youre not just attracting talent, but attracting the right talent thats sure to be an awesome fit with your company.

Alright, you get itcontent marketing is an important part of your entire employer brand. But what separates the good content from the bad? How do you know when youre getting it right?

Nothing clarifieslike a few solid examples. Its time to learn from the best, so here are three employers that are nailing content marketing:


With 180 offices around the world, youd think itd be that much more challenging for to put together a cohesive brand and content strategy that captures the companys fun and lively culture. In reality, the companymakes it look easy.

Video undoubtedly plays a huge role in Booking.coms overall content game plan. Booking.comhas an entire YouTube channel called Planet Bookingthat is dedicated to showcasing what its like to work for the travel company. The short videos on the channel feature everything from interviews with departments and team members to clips of the volunteer work doeswhich emphasizes the companys cultural value of giving back. also uses videos, blog posts, social media (including a brag-worthy shot from an office rooftop!), and the copy in itsvarious recruitment channels to tout the perks that come along with working in the Amsterdam headquarters. takes extra care to give prospective applicants a true sense of what life is like as an employee, from cruising down the Amsterdam canal with coworkers at the end of the day to enjoying some friendly catch-up at the office canteen. It all sounds pretty great.

The Takeaway: If you hear video and immediately picture elaborate productions, conference-room backdrops, and stuffy scripts, think again. proves that effective videos dont need to be rigidlyscripted or even professionally filmed.

Instead, placethe emphasis on sharing the personality of your company. If you had a close friend stop by your office and ask you about your day, what would you want to share with them? Use that as your starting point. Itll help you keep things much more natural and conversational.

2. Allstate


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