4 Simple Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Job

4 Simple Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Job
From Recruiter - February 14, 2017

Article by Natalie Severt

You submitted what you thought was a great resumebut for some reason, you didnt get the job. What went wrong?

Even if your resume truly was great, there are additional things that can hold back an otherwise excellent candidate. Your resume may have been trashed for one of the four reasons below:

1. You Didnt Tailor Your Resume to the Position

A shocking 50 percent of people dont meet the basic requirements of jobs they apply for. The majority of job seekers spend less time reading a job description than they think they do. Nearly half (44 percent) believe they spend up to five minutes reading, whereas eye-tracking technology shows they spend just about a minute or less.

Its crucial to really study the job description before you start tweaking your resume. So, first things first: You need to tailor your resume to the position, and the only way to do that is to thoroughly read the job description so you know what skills to include and expand upon.

In the end, recruiters want to see the skills they asked for in the job post. When you are considering how to construct your resume, its all about integratingthose keyword skills from the job description throughout your resume. If you havent done this, it could be the main reasonwhy you didnt get the job.

2. YouJob Hop

How long do you typically stay with one company? If the answer is about a year, youre not alone. Most young adults in the U.S. hold an average of 7.2 jobs by the time theyre 28. Thats almost one job a year if you start at 18!

Furthermore, your taste for job hopping is an expensive one. In fact, it can cost a company 6-9 months worth of an employees salary to find and train a replacement. Good recruiters will avoid hiring job hoppers unless they find information that could offset the cost and risk.

You have to show a hiring manager that youre worth it, thatthe value you will bring to the company is going to outweigh the costs youll generate. You can do that by adding quantifiable accomplishments to your resume. For example:

- Generated $5,000 in cost savings after negotiating a new contract with vendors.

- Increased sales by 15 percent after implementing automated email campaigns.

Give the impression that youll generate fantastic value for the company, even if its only for a short time.

3. You Havent Had a Job in Six Months


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