Do I Really Need to Send a Cover Letter With My Resume?

Do I Really Need to Send a Cover Letter With My Resume?
From Recruiter - February 15, 2017

Some career experts say cover letters are an absolute must and that the notion of omitting the cover letter is absurd. Others, however, believecover letters are dead or dying slowly.

Studies have shown that cover letters dont matter all that much to many employers. According to Addison Group, a Boston-based employment agency, only 18 percent of hiring managers rankthe cover letter as important. Most hiring managers feel interviews, resumes, and references are much more important.

Its clearthat the emphasis on cover letters has decreased throughout the years. So do you really need one anymore?

It depends.

If youre spending time submitting job applications online and anemployer asks for a cover letter, I say CYA and write the cover letter.

But if youre smart, and you agree with me that you shouldfind people, not jobs, then the traditional cover letter may not have a place in yourjob search process. What youll need is an introductory note instead.

What Is an Introductory Note?

An introductory note is what you write when you have been referred to a hiring manager or have found your future boss through research and are ready to reach out to them directly.

Of course, youll attach a resume, but in the body of the email, youre going to write an introductory notewhich is quite reminiscent of a cover letter, although shorter.

But its 2017! Who has time to actually read their emails?


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