9 Hiring Hacks Used by Startup CEOs

9 Hiring Hacks Used by Startup CEOs
From Recruiter - February 16, 2017

Did you know that Marissa Mayer reviewsevery new hire at Yahoo? Googles cofounders do the same.Mark Zuckerberg also spends a lot of his time recruiting talent, which may be one of the reasons why Facebook is so successful at hiring the right people at the right time.

Its clear from these examples that you dont necessarily need to hire a talent acquisition expert to act as your chief recruiter. Especially if youre running a small company or startup, you can take on that role and be a very successful recruiter yourselfas long as you know what to do.

Hereis some of the best hiring advice to follow, based on the tactics and techniques of other startups:

1. Be Honest About Your Expectations

Yourcompany is new, so its direction may shift along the way. Explain to candidates where you intend to take this startup and how that direction might change.

As the needs of your company grow, youll have to assign additional tasks toemployees. You dont want to overwhelm them with responsibilities, but you do want them to be able to adapt.

According to Firas Kittaneh, cofounderat One Mall Group, you should first ensure a potential hire is prepared to accept a greater workload before you move forward with the hiring process.

2.Have a Positive Attitude TowardAll Potential Hires

Ali Chapman, cofounder of EssayOnTime, suggests a recruiting strategy that requires a littlemore time but is really effective in attracting theright candidates: have a friendly attitude.

When I narrow down the list of potential hires, I invite them for coffee, one by one, Chapman says. We have long talks, and I try to get to know [them]. When you see someones character when they relax, you can see how they would fit in your organization. A traditional interview doesnt do that trick.

3. Put Your Personal Network to Work

Dan Gellert, CEO and cofounder of GateGuru, advises all entrepreneurs to activate their personal networks of colleagues and friends when looking for new hires. He found all the employees at GateGuru through personal connections.

Recommendations from people you trustcan be extremely valuable. However, you must be sure to maintain your objectivity. Only hire people because theycan create valuenot because your cousin recommended them.

4. Dont Hire EmployeesHire Partners

We think of recruitment as the hiring of partners, not employees, says Tal Oron, cofounder and chief procurement officer at Lost My Name. The people working with us have as much say and opportunity to impact the business as the founding partners do.

The hire partners, not employees approach is effective for two reasons. First, it makes your company more attractive to the best talent. Second, it will encourage you to approach the role of recruiter with a greater sense of responsibility.


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