5 Tips to Make Your Remote Sales Reps Connected and Successful

5 Tips to Make Your Remote Sales Reps Connected and Successful
From Recruiter - February 20, 2017

Together, new technologies and changing philosophies on work/life balance have created an increasingly mobile workforce. Ina survey of business leaders atthe Global Leadership Summit in 2014, more than a third of respondents said half their full-time employees would be working remotely by 2020. A quarter of respondents said more than 75 percent of their employees would not be working in traditional offices by 2020.

A massive shift like thiswill have a profound impact across all industries and fields, but perhaps the effects will be even more pronounced in sales. Salespeople thrive on the energy of engaging with others, and they need to be motivated on a daily basis.

Companies that are used to maintainingcentralized sales forces will face a whole new set of opportunities and challenges when managing remote teams. The ability of sales leaders to seize these opportunities and addressthese challenges will be the difference between a cohesive sales forcethat consistently makes itsnumbers and one that is isolated, disjointed, and hurting the companys profit margins.

AtPeak Sales Recruiting,we haveincreasingly been working with world-class companies to develop remote sales teams. Here are five things we have learned about what it takes to make sure your remote sales reps are connected and successful:

1. Communicate Often and on a Personal Level

Research from the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management explains that workplace isolation negatively effects trust in supervisors and coworkers. Making your reps deal with rejection all by themselves with no support is a recipe for disaster.

Isolationcan be overcome throughfrequent and informal check-ins. Rely on teleconferences andtext messaging to communicate with your team. The constant communication will help sales reps feel more connected and less alone.

In addition, we recommend connecting with your reps on an individual level. Dont just talk about work. Ask them about their favorite sports teams or their childs graduation. Showing a genuine personal interest in your sales reps will help them feel more connected to you, your company, and your mission.

It isalso critical to set up peer-to-peer teleconferences. Sometimes, a players only meeting is just what the doctor ordered.

2. Budget for Social Engagement

A sales rep whofeels isolated is doomed to fail. Harvard Business Review reportsthat successful managers of remote sales teams organize face-to-face forums, conferences, workshops, and get-togethers. These are planned well in advance, and theygive employees a chance to interact socially, which is critical to building rapport. A good option could be to choose a sales conference to attend together. Plan this into your budget, and the investment will pay off in both the short and long terms.


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