3 Reasons Candidates Are Rejecting Your Job Offers

3 Reasons Candidates Are Rejecting Your Job Offers
From Recruiter - February 20, 2017

Youve done it! Youve found the incredible candidate who is going to be your next, great hire. Now, youreready to make an offer. Oh, happy day!

You pick up the phone, but the candidate is at work. So you leave a message. And follow it up with an email. And wait.

Andnothing? No response. Or worsea big, fat no.

What happened? How did the perfect candidate elude your grasp?

In their haste tohire the best and brightest, recruiters and hiring managers sometimes forget that candidates are choosy, tooespecially in todays economic climate, with about 2 million jobs being added every year. Wages are up, and the economy is stronger than it has been in ages. Candidatesespecially the great oneshave options.

In addition to thereasons listed above, candidates are people. They make decisions the same way anyone else does. So put on your empathy pantswere going to explore the three reasons why candidates arent accepting your offer:

1. You Took Too Long to Make an Offer

Newsflash: While you and your hiring managers are trying to schedule 15 to go over the candidates, your candidate has bills to pay, a family to take care of, a life to liveand other job offers on the table. Internal collaboration is important, but you will lose out on top talent if you make candidates wait forever to hear back from you.

On average,2-4 weekselapse between the interview and the offer. When you take longer than that, you risk losing out on top talent.

For example, I once knew a candidate who spent two months searching for a job. He finally took a low-paying, low-benefits job that was distinctive in only oneway: The company offered him a gig. He accepted,and after three days on the job, he got two callsone from his dream company.

But it was too little, too late. He had already committed to the other job, and his personal ethics wouldnt let him quit. He was incredibly frustrated, and when his dream company came back around two years later, he turned it down. By then, he had climbed the ladder at his job very quickly. He was nowinvaluable and being compensated accordingly.

If scheduling face-to-face interviews is taking too long, try video screening and interviewing. If youre having trouble getting stakeholders into the same room to discuss candidates, implement an ATS that allows hiring manager notes to be entered on the back end.

2. Theyre Only in It for the Money


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