The Central Office Is Dying. Long Live the Remote Workforce!

The Central Office Is Dying. Long Live the Remote Workforce!
From Recruiter - March 2, 2017

The era of the desk-based workplace is coming to an end.

For a long time, work wasa location.Going to work is still a common way to talk about it. In the past, youneeded to meet people, talk in person, and exchange physical goods if you wanted to work, but thesethings are becoming less and less necessary. In fact, a recent survey of remote workers shows that 91 percent of them feel more productive outside the office.

With the latest advancements in technology and communication, we are finally able to free ourselves from the shackles of the office. But what does this mean for business leaders? How do we maintain productivity, influence company culture, and engage our employees in this new remote world?

Here are a few thoughtson that subject:

1. Reach People Through Mobile

The people have spoken: Mobile is the way of the future. Almost the entire growth of digital consumption in the past few years has been on mobile devices, and that trend is only going to continue.

In order to guarantee a constant connection with our deskless employees, we must design and optimize our systems for mobile usage. If we dont, we risk leaving a major percentage of our workforce lost and adrift. With72 percent of all employees using mobile devices for work, anything that is not mobile is destined to fail.

2. Aggregate for Simplicity


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