5 Industry Experts on How Technology Will Affect the Future of Recruitment

5 Industry Experts on How Technology Will Affect the Future of Recruitment
From Recruiter - March 7, 2017

Recently, MightyRecruiter put together a compilation of interviews with recruiting-industry influencers. Because Im a guy who publishes a lot about technology, I took the liberty of sifting through this 2017 Hiring Trends and Predictions eBook in order to find the most important insights into how technology will (or wont) change the future of recruiting. Here are a few of my favorite excerpts, along with some of my own commentary:

1. Laurie Ruettimann, Founder and Principal, Glitchpath:

Its about the right mix of technology and in-real-life, human-to-human experiences. Its important to have regular, reliable, repeatable patterns and good data in your recruiting processes to ensure that candidates are all treated the same way. That said, you cant use technology to do the work that humans do. Its got to be the right blend of technology and human interaction. One of the lessons for recruiters is that you cant Skype your way to an effective hiring decision. You have to bring candidates in and spend some time with them.

My take: If you conduct fewer face-to-face meetings, you increase your risk of making bad hires. Especially when youre hiring for important roles, you want to take some time to study the little things about candidatestheir demeanor, how they greet the office manager, the enthusiasm they bring to the room.

Ruettimannspoint definitely resonates with me: You cant Skype your way to an effective hiring decision.

2. Steve Levy, Principal, Recruiting Inferno Consulting:

While technology is playing an important role, personal relationshipsthe ability to find that visceral connection between your company and the person youre talking tois the linchpin.

Hopefully [the No. 1 takeaway recruiters learned in 2016] was a reaffirmation that personalization, messaging, and reaching out to people in human ways is better than sitting back and assuming the technology will do it for you. Too many recruiters dont get it, and it is evident in what candidates say about them. Have you ever Googled the phrase, Recruiters are without hitting return? Worthless, evil, [and] annoying appear.

My take:Recruiters definitely need to care more about reputation. It lives forever online. Are you someone a prospective candidate would want to talk to? For the best recruiters, the answer is a resounding yes. Moving forward, the very role of recruiter will not survive if candidates continue to perceive the profession as worthless, evil, and annoying. The difficulty here is in balancing the helpful and hurtful natures of technology. Technologycan increase efficiency by communicating more with candidates, but it can also be detrimental in the way it reduces meaningful human interactions.

3. Gerry Crispin, Principal and Founder, CareerXroads:


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