7 Must-Have Skills for a B2B Tech Services Firm Marketing Team

7 Must-Have Skills for a B2B Tech Services Firm Marketing Team
From Recruiter - March 8, 2017

When it comes to effectively marketing professional services, many technology services firms find the process of building a strategy significantly easierthan deploying that strategy. That is because even the simplest, most straightforward marketing strategy requires a wide range of skills to execute.

So, what are the requisite skills for marketing a tech services firm effectively? What skills should you be looking to add to your team?

1. Research Skills

There are two important research methods to consider. Keyword researchthe basis of any content-based marketing programdemands knowledge of the tools to conduct keyword research and a strong understanding of the firms clients and their challenges. Target audience research demands comfort in conducting executive-level interviews with clients. A researcher who clearly understands the firms services will be able to develop the data gathered through interviews into strong content.

2. Strategy Skills

Target audience research can be used to inform a marketing strategy with information about the differentiators that set a firm apart from competitors. As a result, an effective strategist should be capable of applying this research to develop positioning and create messages targeted to each audience. A strategist should also be able to see the big picture of how a firm is positioned and understand how to weave that story into subsequent marketing copy on brand assets such as websites, collateral, and even supporting themes for thought leadership.

3. Writing Skills

There are two writing styles necessary to deliver amessage across the broadest range of audiences. Marketing copy must be brief and persuasive to convince prospective clients that a service is the best choice. This might include promotional emails, website copy, and proposals.

Editorial copy is designed to provide a taste of the insight that a firm can provide. This content, including blogs, white papers, and webinars, will demonstrate expertise in a non-promotional way. It establishes a firm as a thought leader, prompting prospects to seek out expert services.

4. Promotional Skills


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