3 Easy Tricks to Help You Fall in Love With Your Job Again

3 Easy Tricks to Help You Fall in Love With Your Job Again
From Recruiter - March 14, 2017

Article by Pete Wheelan

Trying to climb the corporate ladder? Warning: It can be a dangerous distraction. Promotions dont always increase your job satisfaction or nurture your passions. In fact, the added responsibility can end up driving you further away from finding meaning in your work because youre too busy to even consider it.

Americans in particular are under immense pressure to be chronically busy. Last year, 55 percent of the U.S. workforce left 658 million vacation days unused. If you value advancement but never figure out whether moving up will help you bring your passions to play in what you do, you might lose all sense of purpose. This is not an uncommon problem; fewer than 20 percent of leaders of organizations feel passionate about their individual purpose, and many of them cant even articulate what that purpose is.

How do you find the passion that can fuel you through distractions and an exhausting pace?

1. Note How Challenges Make You Feel

Even if you love your job, some aspects of it will be difficult or unpleasant.As the saying goes, thats why its called work. You need to figure out how those challenges make you feel. Are the parts you hate the norm or the outliers?

Connecting your work to a larger personal goal can help you avoid procrastination or laziness. Finding a job youre so passionate about that every task seems easy isnt a bad idea, but its an awfully high bar to clear. Its important to feel that the obstacles ahead of you are worth overcoming for reasons beyond a paycheck.

To gauge how Im feeling about my daily challenges, I use a simple 22 matrix: high or low energy and positive or negative mood. High/positive (in the zone) or low/positive (calm and relaxed) are the spaces I want to be in as often as possible. Something I feel highly energetic and positive about is a passion, whereas something I feel highly energetic but negative about is typically a major stressor. By consciously assessing patterns that emerge, I can identify the aspects I want to adjust or recalibrate.

If youre feeling low energy and negative but need to push through, try my solution: I head to an email folder I have labeled Fuel, where I save emails from grateful employees, students, and satisfied customers. These inspire me by reminding me why I do what I do: to have a positive, tangible impact on the lives of students by helping them unlock their potential.

2. Actively Create Opportunities to Reflect

At the end of each day or each project, evaluate how you feel about the way you spent your time. You probably wont be exuberant and energized every single day, but if you never feel that way or regularly feel frustrated and tired, you could look for a new job or you could draw on a deeper commitment to impact a broader big-picture goal that is deeply and personally meaningful to you.


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